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INTEGRITY SYSTEMS PRECISION (ISP) is built on the principles of making quality products and providing exceptional customer service. Our list of capabilities continues to grow by following trends, improving our standards of production, and listening to our customers' needs. Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our customers.

Our capabilities include:

  • 3, 4 & 5 Axis Vertical CNC Milling

  • 3 Axis CNC Lathe Turning w/ Live Tooling capabilities

  • Swiss Turning (w B-Axis)

  • Wire EDM

  • 4 Axis Sinker (Plunge) EDM

  • Gundrill

  • Assembly

  • Heat Treat (Validated process for H900, H950 & H1050 Stainless 17-4, 455 & 465)

  • Cleaning Line  (Validated Process)

  • Citric Acid Passivation   (Validated Process)

  • Laser Marking

  • CMM

  • Full Inspection Capabilities


ISP has the Wire EDM Capacity to meet your largest production needs.

Wire EDM—also known as Wire Cutting, Wire burning, and Traveling Wire EDM—uses spark erosion to machine or remove material with a traveling wire electrode from any electrically conductive material. The wire electrode usually consists of brass or zinc-coated brass material.

Integrity Systems has 3 Wire EDM machines that are fully automated. We maximize cutting edge technology for ultimate results:

• High-speed Wire EDM machines with automatic threading
• Four Axis independent UV machining
• Maximum Cutting Height: 11" Tall
• Wire Diameters from .002"-.010"
• Tolerances can be held to .0001"
• Any conductive material can be Wire EDM machined, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, Copper, Hastalloy, Inconel, Steel, Stellite, and Titanium.

ISP can accept dxf, dwg, iges, Parasolid, Solidworks, Solid Edge, ProEngineer, and Catia files for easy generation into Wire EDM programs.

Whether your application is prototype or high-volume production, Integrity Systems believes that no Wire EDM job is too small, too large or too complex.


Sinker EDM machining, like Wire EDM, uses spark erosion to machine blind cavities.
This process employs machined electrodes that produce sparks along the surface of the electrode to sink or plunge the cavity. The Sinker EDM process is ideal for a number of applications:

• Blind Cavities
• Intricate Details
• Sharp Corners
• Thin Walls and Cross Sections
• Machining Threads into Hardened Parts
• Blind Keyways
• Internal Splines, Squares, or Hexes
• Any conductive material can be Sinker EDM machined, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, Copper, Hastalloy, Inconel, Steel, & Stellite.

Integrity Systems Precision has complete in-house Electrode manufacturing capabilities. Electrodes for Sinker EDM machining are generally made from Copper, Graphite, or Tungsten depending upon work piece material and electrode wear requirements.

Our Sinker EDM machines are outfitted with a C-Axis for orbital and helical machining.

3, 4 & 5 AXIS CNC MILL

ISP currently has 7 CNC Vertical Mills.

5 AXIS Milling - In 2023 we doubled our 5 Axis capability

Vertical mills utilize a spindle orientated vertically to the surface that is being machined. The spindle holds cutting tools that rotate at 6,000 to 18,000rpm depending on the machine's capability. The work piece being machined is normally held in vise jaws or custom fixtures designed for a specific part.
The basic vertical mill is configured to machine in 3 axes (X & Y axis perpendicular to the spindle and the Z axis in line with the spindle axis). Vertical mills with a 4th axis capability have an additional axis that rotates perpendicular to the spindle axis, usually in line with the X-axis.

The multi-axis capability allows features to be machined at any angle within the part and also provides capability for machining complex contours into part surface. In many cases, this multi-axis capability allows complex parts to be machined in one operation--significantly reducing the variation between critical machined features, reducing lead-time and minimizing costs.


ISP has limited heat treating capabilities in-house. Our process is validated for 17-4, 455 & 465 SS heat treating. However, whatever your need is we can meet your product's hardness spec whether in house or at one of our approved heat treat vendors.


ISP has your gundrilling needs covered. We can perform some in house and outsource if needed.

ISP, in the past 2 years, has added swiss turning centers, All of our swiss are curently Tsugami SS327-III-5AX models.

The hallmark of the Tsugami SS327-III-5AX CNC Lathe, in addition to Swiss style speed and accuracy, is its ability to cut contoured shapes using a servo-driven, modular B-axis. This feature greatly enhances the machine’s capability to produce high precision parts requiring sculpted geometries and bone screws at any helix angle. 

Our Tsugamis are equipped with dual high speed (80k RPM) live tooling holders.

For machining complex shapes, this is the ultimate Swiss type lathe.

w/ Live Tooling
haas st20y_edited.png

ISP has CNC Turning Centers w/Live Tooling and we are ready for your product's turned specs.


ISP offers a full range of assembly and test options.
In-house assembly capabilities include:

• Bending
• Swaging
• Flaring
• Brazing
• TIG welding
• Laser welding
• Heat shrink sleeving
• Epoxy bonding

ISP will manufacture your sub components and assemble them with any customer-supplied material (springs, plastic nuts, bearings, screws, etc). Typical assemblies range from 2 to 20 component parts. Integrity Systems can also assume single-source responsibility for purchasing and managing of your non-metal parts, relieving you of a detail that, if overlooked, could delay delivery.

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